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Life or Death



Life or Death check the vivid apparatus

Born to pick it up and abuse the tool the baddest

Habit of erratic to pursue cash fast

Stash of Zombies presiding beneath grass

ALAS/ Once again it’s that biblical fable

brethren’s falling victim to the Cain’s like Able

But thine art unable/ to perish under perilous contract

I contact/ memory to recount that / I’m holy like the covenant

Divine not ignorant/ ranting and raving/ being enslaved

degrade/ Infallibly I’m notorious

For stern command/ of civilized servants/ of the man

or barbaric mockeries/ like conan

Bond my words in hemoglobin that ceases my physical time span

My mic check is life or death


Life or death Oral tradition is my habit

Change wavelengths my mind is a polaric magnet

Attract the wildest heads due to the plumbus in their gats

Cock-back/ I twist a mic off  like a 40 cap

Lubricate it’s crystalline like WD 40

Surely/ I mold the maligned mechanism/ Knifing the next victim

Lacerate his cardic/ Chain his brain/ then I whip him/ for cream

bust upon his back like seam-men led aloof so they shipwreck within the wet dream

To no ends/ cause the egg is premature

and nothing fruitful grows/ when the mindstate is soiled

and strategic ray’s mold foiled/ reactions/ from the radiation of

micromic wave functions/ deviated/ from the heat of my tone

Breaks the beat/ accomplishes feats with my poem

My mic check is life or death


Life or death/ check my synopsis of getting wreck

Amateur styles/ yet they all claim pro-tech/-son

No imperfection/ when phones are taped

words raise resurrection/ keeps heads up like erections

of monumental structures/ rupture lungs/ when trajectories puncture

through rhythms that indenture/ the soul/ fellows/ crucify/ but I justify

and electrify/ with the power of my third eye/ why ask why

the microphone dies/ resting in pieces it lies/ measurements on the modulator in sines

turned to flat lines/ echoing chimes evap my mind

till the tool is recycled/ and I drop it as a dime

with enzymes of life to crucifications of death/ my mic check

is life or death

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Super Spectacular



Ideas oscillate around the perimeter of my membrane

Like atoms/ Light in fraction’s/ so leaks appear like nuclear reactions/Word Play is my forte/ I enjoy it more than four play Blaze stages with my phrases tote a quote in case of gun-play

“Chick-Chick BOOM”

Rune, ruined/ so the ruination of the congregation of foes barricading

creative creation with  messages from Satan/ reshaping spherical particles like radioactivity at the north pole/ extinguish their inferno

diamond in the rough like coal/ soul bore seeds thus thought yields

fruition/annihilation of characters that come wacker flavor to the batter/banter of propaganda like berry I canner/ cranial’s/ decreased potency by radical/ squaring/ misplaced Universal Assault/they beat down/ but I beat up and bust/ blow facial filled with crust/dis-gust of wind disrupts/delirious/the sacrificial  belittle the riddle/judicial/ and now I stake claim my monarchy is official/ I enter the rap genre the best sabbatical/ form the region surveyed by the super spectacular with vernacular


My flow couldn’t get worse/whereas I’m ten times badder

When my wording context splatters/ Punks shiver, jaws chatter

My physical matter/ kinetically, pugilistically

 leaves you immobilar/ Ill extended stamina

Spiders in your porridge/I’m spectacular, or simply amazing

Heat the plumbus /fire trajectories grazing

Flesh/ burnt crisp like Koresh/ My composition is freaky

striping your skills unaddressed

In a mesh with  distress/Considering I’ll make you regress

Insomnia over the battle/ aged, haggard by the stress

But a vest is useless/ Talons claw open your chest

Like conical icicles/ based with plastic/ explicit/ depicting

dramatic/ drastic/ charged like plastic/ inject my fluid to tracks

To shock trauma my/ Human  inhaling habit/Spackling artist onto walls

of sugar/ I’m spectacular/ super

 {VERSE 3}

It’s the sensationalist/ not a journalist/ but scripting more feces

to inflame the whole public/ Rhetoric not used or abused, but mint in condition

or spearing what you find unbearing or able/ to perform

 those who are inert I’ll combust with/ Blow up shit like personal biz in the public

gaseous/ but the luscious reducts it/ like anti-placid/ but acid holding cells

 Is incinerating/ I’m incarcerating/ rebating/ to Jah/ those not making

the breaking/ beat down or cut/ shake down/ centrifugal meltdown when I radiate

With glamor/ dilate retina/ but I retain position within throne/

honed/ pulses impact/ discords the alliance of the defiant

who are non-suppliant/ of a suitable opponent in the past/ millennium

Combated the round knights/lapidated the centurions

To spectacle/ or oracle/ from the spectacular

supernatural/ non-palatable/ uni-lateral/ rapper

Da Great Deity Dah


How To Author A Great Rhyme



instants before I stab at the pad/ I stare

till the white glare/ blinds me in the cornea

frequent stabs at the material/ causes bleeding

of my pen/ then the fluid starts to soak in

to/ the fermented fiber/ not the processed grain

to intoxicate your brain/ But I gulp down concepts

and piss off fiery words like butane

to inscript my name/ as a through allegorian/ theologian

supreme linguist/ master of lyrics/ commanding masculine rhythms

synopsis’s layered with sarcasm/ wont find me plagiarizing

the topic is scribbling masterpiece scripts

but here is the preface to this epic

abstaining from fibbing fables/ I turn tables

flipping the metronome/ entertaining a mind zone

affixing diction/ that’s deeper than the marrow in your bone

plot to exercise emphasis/ on the positive/ not derogatory jargon

but here’s the manual for authoring great rhymes


my soul affixed in the drivers seat/ as my mind takes a journey

observing characters/ as they roam about my universe

I grab a bunch and disperse/ em like Zeus’s lightning bolt

my words created would electrify you auditory/respiratory/functions

increasing at rapid rates/phalanges curl up like during orgasms

as your breath is released in spasms/ I arbitrarily change the cadence

when I’m rapping/ to I self/ so to ensure the execution is heartfelt

then at that juncture/ like a battery I recycle/the energy/ focus on the topic

weather it’s life/ or how I attack enemies vehemently/ spiritually

all this happens inexplicable/ a motion of force guided by Elohims

to resurrect souls has to be the focal theme/ pregnate your head

with my semen/ cream/ and watch your essence beam

at how I author great rhymes


To author a great rhyme/ to most appears a dream

but I’ll slip in to their subconscious/ and over throw the super ego

I’m god/ so when in action my veins throb/ racing blood cells in the physical

frame to accomplish the job/ I rob/ evil of the opportunity/ to create disunity

critically/ I damage messengers/traveling through nerves triggering

uncontrolled reactions/ and perceptions of a man/ uncivilized

unrealized/ in his being and potential/ of self he’ll claim possess

the salve to make girls melt/ but the Sun will heat the Earth

into a chocolate pool/ recreate her elements/ purify what is irrelevant

uplifting benevolence/ from the bottom of the lagoon/ a cacao pool

her molecules sparkle cause my gamete is part of the formula

revolve her/ at the rate of 4/3 pi r cubed/ her six sextillion ton of weight

again turns/ I solar unit from me/ opponents squirm/ at how I author great rhymes


Existence in Life

From the canals of carnal/ traveling through the universe

after my pops first electromagnetic beam screamed from his monument

seasoned by a salivary melanin laced condiment/exiting the penal shaft

to feel life’s draft/my after birth in a flask/ so they could clone me if I don’t last

surrounded by strangers in this manger/ where Neander’s tamper with the gander

to switch his gender/to suit their agenda/sometimes I wonder how the Earth

allowed me to enter/breaking through her placenta/ like a biap in an atomic bomb’s center

situations get too close/so some choose to ferment her/saying it aids the process

of Godly inventions/ without apprehension/I extend my thoughts to make apogees

with other planets/ in varying galaxies/but me/ they tell to operate simply/I say I do

but being Da Great Deity/is a complex responsibility/ exchanging magnetic tapes

to get dividends/ to pay my amenities/fuel dependancies/profit from respectability

that doesn’t betide me with high frequency/constantly counting my low currency

adding up to a small fee/natures gift should be for free/soon they’ll charge me

for the next breath I breathe/all sorts of tags affixed on my breed/wear my aggression

on my sleeve/chest/on my vest as a crest/to attack the rest/as I ingest oxygen

the Earths estrogen/ I exhale sounds with super-speed evidence of my testosterone

at heightened productions/to make me conquer fear/rape pillage/ and give Deceit a papsmear

for trying to apprehend me for attacking the papyrus/no need to rhyme my influx

just to let you know/a new era is coming in Urban music/opt for it in your life

or experience it in your death/ that is closer to occur every time you take a breath.

Poetry In Motion


 {VERSE 1}

reminisce of golden days/ we sat on porches/ caught sun rays

And I was lured to a girl/ In the seventh grade

Abound with nothing intelligent to say/ but hey you

or big boobs/act rude/ reach out my hands/ and pull/

then giggle what I do/To the other fools

but at the end of the day/ She wouldn’t be swayed

So pertaining her/I killed the thoughts/ and parleyed

Various ideas/ ways/ I got from Shakespearean plays

I was a one man show/ Lunch room was my stage

beige book in the library I opened/ APPEARING TO ME/ WAS

A smoov love poem

I could have played xerox/ and copied them

But as I studied the format/ the  scheme was intriguing

AB AB CD CD/Love/ snug/nice/ spicy

subsequently/ I grabbed a chair/pen/and pad

then scattered words all over the paper/ like a tag

Took me an hour/ no a HALF

smiled to myself/ patted my back/ knapsack

walked the chaos path/ dropped the letter in her lap

P.S. Inside/ see you in math class

Innovative/  mission unsuccessful

became insane and vengeful/ with pencils

day after day/ writing what to say

Oratorical rhythm/ so a song it became

On my stage/ the lunch room/ I’d recite/ and dudes

would bang on tables/ and throw food

And that’s how I got glued/ to the art of rap

entrapped/ in the images/ hard thinking /made their brains crack

refute the wack/ I wrote more than perverts jerked

So now I say a rhyme and/ crews go beserk


When I’m enthused/ to leave chaffed residues/ on paper

relish city sights/ stationary

everythings motionary/ on trains

Orange flame/ green papers/ or blue/ sky line

I CAn’t hold back, it’s inviting me to rhyme (RAKIM)

Slowly  mind/ relaxes/ soul siphons energy/ from  passengers

Hustling/scurrying/ endlessly/ in the rat race

Sporting masters/ or doctorates

Heart rate inflates/ then puts em in caskets

Some societal threats/ forgotten war vets

inhaled  orange to the chest

All of  this stress/ is fed to my mind

then  proton pack/ blows it up like cyanide

Wide and far

Surveys my scanners/spotted  scenes energetic/

so I become/ astral planar

In the front car/ beauty beholds a character

but rude to the nubian/ because he doesn’t have a car

two seats ahead/man and woman/ argue till they spar


Rusty jeaned devil/ sports a 2″ scar

Thought he could risk me/ but his mouth reeks of scotch whiskey

Tipsy/meanwhile hands are moving so wild

faster than my brain/ so sometimes I retrieve files

Smiles/ When I invent  metaphors  hostile

Needs a lead based chamber/ because it’s volatile

meanwhile/ people observe and wonder/ if I have a full deck

Ding-Dong/ exits a battalion/ with a block to trek

On my left/ sit a cutey/ behind me/  kids conceal a Uzi

To bruise me/ improbable/ but  scene’s tense and hectic

Two more stops go by/then they exit

KABOOOM/ Thunder brings gloom/ anger reigns doom

Overheating the mental

Coincidental/ cause sometimes/ I write rhymes

Under sunshine/ Till dayline streaks/ then it’s night time

Dusk/ abrupt/ dissociation

Da Great Deity CWI cover2b.indd

Coining Phrases



Nations stay amazed the way I whip up a phrase

Lyrical renegade/ busting lyrics off just like twelve gauge

enter my stage and get played/ canine’s will get spayed

I’m rushing in on frats/ just like a drug raid

so duck in the shade or try to be disguised/

meanwhile I’ll analyze how to sneak a surprise/ ATTACK

all you see is a deep black/ figure/ that seizes ya like a heart attack

or maybe crack/ the bone out of your back/ paralysis/ I’m enchanting

like Voodoo passages/ devastating savages with my intellectual metaphorisis

Media control on your brain it’s impossible ignoring this 

Piece of my hate/ Butchery put on a tape/ no time for just kicking it

So think of an escape/diversion/ excursion to sexual perversion

Beat on your dick/ but you cant come harder than my wording

Tongue is a sword/ opening heads like a surgeon/ Dr of Rapmatics

MC’s are getting tutored and learning/ the outcome of their fate

when they place the stakes/ against the great at coining phrases

 {VERSE 2}

Words connect in a meticulous way/ heroically I illuminate

with timbre rays that will devastate/ or reshape

sculls of falling stars who don’t radiate/ to young juveniles

corroding up their mindstates/ But if you wait(weight) I’m heavy laden

on a beat-break/ weaving in and out of styles like a Cobra

Devote Ra/ or maybe Kim to play within the field/

savages yield/ under the forces I wield

utilizing the mic skill  to plumage/ with a phrase

grey matter is grazed/ from a grass burning path

With nuclear math/ they could’nt emulate my wrath

as I spark the staff/ they cant  find my origins with an Atlas

Agasp/ when they realize l’m not from this planet/

therefore my magnet is sextilions times harder to break/ than a bad habit

wording is intergalactic/ domicile Jupiter/ study my scriptures/ As I coin phrases

 {VERSE 3}

I’m coining phrases you may never hear in your days

 through my medium/ they’re incoorporated in your daily word play

from the/ effusion of my potion/ flowing like lotion/  harmonic

motion/sporadic boasting/  While I  ferry your soul through melodic

passage ways/ captivating naves/Betcha want more like Lays 

as chips will be matched/ while I season the whole batch

 those unattached/ get thrown out the latch/ from the back

of the pack/ space between 9 I’s/ so I dash

Subtract/ before photons make an impact/ refract/ within the mechanisms/ I kick back

Plumbus in a black gat/ lasers will melt that/ warp fast/

beam me up Scottie/ but right back

I haven’t curated the Art’/fact/ tooley

I’m indecipherable but don’t call me DA-Mouley

Hear the Music

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