Chronicles of The Electromagnetic Field General. The Carnegie Mellon Sessions. Vinyl & Test Press Bundle


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Limited to 20 test press copies and bundles. This package the retail vinyl plus an autographed copy of the test press. The test press is a standard black. It features  10 tracks, this classic album was recorded with live musicians and its the most mature album recorded to date. The track listing is Side A 1. Dapper Prologue 2. Dapper 3. Life or Death(Jazz RMX) 4. Empty State 5. TV Screens and Magazines Side B. 1. Stop the Bullying ft Abby Adams 2. Penetrate The Soul (Funk RMX) 3. What’s Happening 4. The Antidote 5. NASA (Astral Journey). The vinyl will also featured a limited edition colored vinyl. Vinyl Ships late September/ Early October. Test Press begins to ship in mid August and will be delivered in person to fans in Asia and Europe when available.


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