To Take Hip Hop Back. The Global Alliance Vinyl



20 years ago We put out to Take Hip-Hop back to great fanfare. It was our 3rd vinyl release and we got press around the world and was able to chart on college radio with Indecent Proposal produced by Dominic Painter. Slim the 78er also produced Penetrate the Soul, Jamel Jones added verses and hooks and DJ Eskimo tore it up on the wheels of steel. The release was a masterpiece. We are re releasing the project with new remixes and new songs in collaboration with artist from around the world. The Global alliance will span several continents with the goal of preserving that boom bap essence of hip-hop. NO mumbling just dope hip-hop, DJing and production. Moods and Vibrations, Slim the 78er, Da Great Deity Dah himself, Noel the daughter of Moods and Vibrations and other producers from around the world are lacing the production. This album will be released August 2018. It will feature a full color jacket, color vinyl, vinyl exclusive mixes, and a bonus track only on Vinyl. Pre order it today.

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