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To Take Hip-Hop Back Vinyl Bundle


Special Bundle for the new Global Alliance album.

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The new album is coming soon. Order The special bundle here and get a CD, a Snap Back Hat, an action figure USB, Vinyl, Test Press Vinyl, and comic book for an exceptional price. This album features MC’s from around the world in addition to the original songs from the To Take Hip-Hop Back EP. Here is the track listing

1. Live From Beijing Ft Nasty Ray
2. Tributary To The Majesty (Cosmoh Mix) Ft Unbomber
3. Afro 2 Asia Ft Unbomber & Hakim Frm 5 Bros Mcs
4. Dah-Namite Seoul (Cosmoh Mix)
Ft Dawoud Shahidu Frm 5Bros Mcs
5. Open Mic (Symphony 2018)
Ft Ibn Nur Quiet Storm 720 & First Borne The Unfair
6. B-Boyism (Cosmoh Mix) Ft Unbomber & DJ Odilon
7. Lyrical Renegade
8. Taking Hip-Hop Back
9. Still My Lord (What’s Happening Pt2)
10.Bad Hombre’ Ft Lskriba & Boris Berreto
11. Narcotics (Cocaine Cowboys Rmx) Ft Ibn Nur Quiet Storm 720
12.Ready To Kill (Legendary Rmx)
13.Redrum (Xnöe Mix)
14. Refuse God Ft Sti6’S Williams
15. Indecent Proposal (SlimKat 78 Rmx)
16. Penetrate The Soul (Moods & Vibrations Rmx)
17. Afro 2 Asia (DJ Nasty Mix) Ft Unbomber

Bonus Tracks
18. Bogotá Freestyle Ft Celtik & DJ Muf
19. Double Trouble Ft Ibn Nur Quiet Storm 720
20. Indecent Proposal
21. Penetrate The Soul


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