Da Great Deity Dah Comic Book

The Real Lyrical Hero debuts on the pages of this gripping saga of Da Great Deity Dah. The comic book chronicles the journey from the realm of thought way left of the periodic chart into the tangible hell that is the Earth. The comic is written by Da Great Deity Dah himself and illustrated by Dan the Man and Nasir Ahmad.

Story Line for Comic Book
From a distant galaxy unbeknownst to man, beams a Universal Solider to the third realm of Earth. Unknown to him, he had been a General of the Electromagnetic Fields for millenniums and has been commanded by All Existence to arrive on Earth to alter the vibrations of humanity. A daunting task for many, but this character is unusual. He is Da Great Deity Dah and his will is tremendous. He is an etheric force of energy who had been carefully observing the vessel of a human. Over a period of time, he began to take over the subject’s body more and more and as we speak, more transformations are taking place.

Upon arrival on earth, he noticed that there were beings who looked like him and he felt they might be of the same breed. (Actually, they were, but they refused the responsibility of contributing to the task of balancing the universal energy of the Universe.) He attempted to contact them and interact but he always noticed their inability to be honest, honorable, sincere, humble, and peaceful. It puzzled him, especially the women who have been endowed with the ability to create all human species in the universe.

During Da Great Deity Dah’s travels, he had come to the conclusion that he evolved out of triple darkness into a being of liquid properties called melanin then evolved further into his Supreme Being state as a host for various bacteria and microbes. On Earth, he realized Ego was a big problem and it was best stroked by humans trying to display their intelligence, mental acuity and superiority over each other then using religion to keep the weak-souled intact so they would not reach their potential.

In the future generation, he observed one culture that spoke universally regardless of race, culture, or creed. It was an art form called Hip-Hop. The arena of combat was called the stage and the weapon of combat was a microphone which amplified vocal tones and psionic energy ebbing from Masters of Ceremonies. Many masters had the ability to totally dismantle a man’s psyche to the point they felt worthless. The torture of the whole scene was that one was lured in to emit speech by hypnotic symphonies that counted meter on a pounding drum which lured the mere fiber of one’s soul to want to gyrate a dance, modify a previous tone in a new rhythmic manner, or create a mural as a tribute to the magnitude of what was witnessed.

The unfairness Da Great Deity Dah observed was of vultures who took advantage of untrained recruits by offering trinkets and tokens for their souls and psionic power, entrapped on digital magnetic tapes. This created flashbacks for Da Great Deity Dah of times when his kindred were kidnapped by Serpents descending from their weakest part. He understood the magnitude of what was transpiring. Whoever controlled the Nubian youth, held destiny under siege and could control the balance of the whole universe. Da Great Deity Dah began to see the quest of his mission. He noticed sporadic flashbacks occurring as he moved about and recorded these events in a journal called Holy Scriptures (scriptures written by a celestial being). He realized that the format resembled that of the youths who emit the energy in the hip-hop encoded format.

He also noticed a sincere love and compassion of the Maiden of Earth and sought to nurture them especially because they had the daunting task of housing the future in a cocoon called the womb. He also realized that he was a scientist by nature, due to the fact he appreciated one of his wives (Earth) and sought to observe her every movements. His light, he observed, allowed her to have vegetation and was the spark of life.

The Mathematics he had learned while in his previous form was returning in variant forms and the most powerful was alchemy. So, utilizing his mind, he constructed the perfect weapons for combat. His mics were laced with gold for their unique ability to channel and refract light, amplifying at the same time the psionic type with furious blast that made people behold the might of his voice. He felt the plight of the human and first told those who would listen that his mission was to be accomplished in life or death and to aid in their daily plight, he provided mental weapons essential for their survival to make them powerful in the revival of cerebral warfare. The children of the serpents were at work again twisting facts and presenting distorted images though a corrupted science called media. It became hard to identify the enemy. The bottom line was harmony.

Da Great Deity Dah found allies on his quest and they decided to form The Magistrates of the Truth, a battle force of Universal Allies who utilize the most powerful weapons in the universe to attain their means (acknowledgment of All existence). The truth had a way of bringing light to darkness and setting the kidnapped captives free.

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